Remember to Forget!!

A distraught husband went running to a doctor and pleaded, “Doctor, please do something about my wife’s memory, I am in great trouble.” The doctor enquired, “What do you mean, does she forget everything?” “No, she remembers everything,” said the devastated husband. Today’s article in TOI provides an opportunity to reflect on two of the … Continue reading Remember to Forget!!

The Spouse Suspects!!

   A wise man had said centuries ago; a lady expects a husband before marriage, suspects him after marriage and respects him when he is no more. I am not sure if all the souls have sinful desires and natures as highlighted by Vatsayana in his chapter on ‘parakiya-rasa’ in kamasutra. However, while a wife … Continue reading The Spouse Suspects!!

Indian Soldier and his Spirit!

Why do Indian soldiers fight the way they fight? Because, they are competing with a fellow buddy, next to them. After the fabled battle of Saragarhi, in 1897, where 21 Sikh soldiers were martyred fighting nearly 10000 tribesmen who surrounded them, the Second-in-Command of the battalion, an officer of the Australian origin, described the unrivalled … Continue reading Indian Soldier and his Spirit!